Looks can be deceptive, with Ibby E Okiniyi – ep#38

This episode’s guest is getting older. He’s traveling  across Norway, but it’s not like the trip to Spain. This time he’s touching money and sometimes enjoying the help of modern transport. For detours only, though! Bobkast is all about detours, and one listener of the podcast suggested that Øystein listened to an Australian radio-interview with an extraordinary man called Ibby E Okiniyi. He’s walking every meter of the 2100 km lengthy trip from Oslo to Nordkapp. Three months ago Corona was having its impact on Ibby’s book sales, so decided on a lockout instead of a lockdown. He agreed to do a detour to Bobkast before making himself a grandeur entrance into a city for the first time in months.

Author: Paal Christian

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